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About Us

Where Tradition Meets Innovation
Man Ho Bistro offers a culinary journey through the heart of mainland China, featuring comfort dishes inspired by the vibrant flavours of Sichuan and Shandong provinces. The chefs have drawn upon their personal experiences and travels to these regions to craft a menu that celebrates the rich tapestry of Chinese cuisine. Each dish thoughtfully prepared with a focus on local ingredients and signature flavours is designed for sharing.

Ambience and Décor
Immerse yourself in a vibrant fusion of tradition and innovation at Man Ho Bistro. Earthy tones and sleek lines create a warm and inviting atmosphere, accented with pops of color that reflect our culinary philosophy. Take center stage at our lively open kitchen, where you can witness the artistry of our chefs firsthand as they craft dishes inspired by the heart of mainland China. Our eye-catching bar at the entrance is the perfect spot to sip on innovative cocktails before or after your meal.

For a more intimate experience, our private dining rooms offer a secluded space for any occasion.  The largest room even features live cooking stations, allowing you and your guests to enjoy an up-close view of the culinary magic.

At Man Ho Bistro, we don't just serve food. We craft experiences that connect you to the rich heritage of Chinese cuisine, reimagined for the modern palate. Embark on a culinary journey to discover the timeless beauty of Chinese culinary artistry reflected in our signature dishes: Char siu barbecue Australian beef rib, Steamed cod fish with preserved radish, or Wok-fried egg crab with sweet potato noodles. Savor the innovative touch in Crispy scallop dumplings wrapped with taro and caviar, or indulge in the Stewed bird's nest with papaya

Complementing your exploration are our thoughtfully crafted cocktails, like the comforting Cha Toddy, the spirit-forward Dajia Ganbei, or the unique floral Chrysanthemum Fashioned.