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Meet The Chefs
Meet The Chefs

Chinese Kitchen Partners

At the helm of this culinary adventure at Man Ho Bistro is the talented chef duo of Senior Sous Chef Xia Yue Shan and Barbecue Sous Chef Zhang Wei Dong.

Senior Sous Chef Xia Yue Shan
Hailing from Guangdong province, Chef Xia Yue Shan brings a wealth of experience and culinary passion to Man Ho Bistro. Over a decade spent honing his skills in prestigious kitchens across China has equipped him with a deep understanding of regional flavors and traditional techniques. Before joining Man Ho, Chef Xia served as Sous Chef at The Westin Baohe Hefei and DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hainan. Chef Xia's passion lies in sharing the authentic flavors of his heritage with diners, ensuring each dish reflects the rich culinary traditions of his homeland. 

Barbecue Sous Chef Zhang Wei Dong
Chef Zhang Wei Dong, who is from Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia, brings a unique blend of traditional and modern flavors to Man Ho Bistro. With a rich background in Chinese cuisine, Chef Zhang has played a pivotal role in the pre-opening teams of several esteemed establishments, including Taiyuan Yingchun Guangdong Restaurant, Chifeng Yulong Hotel and Xiangtang Yunrui Hotel, where he has showcased his exceptional barbecue skills and innovative culinary techniques.